iFamily for Mac V2.14.0 - 29 Sep 2023

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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iFamily for Mac V2.14.0 - 29 Sep 2023

Post by Warwick Wilson » Wed Feb 15, 2023 8:35 am

GIT LOG Since V2.13.2

Date: Fri Sep 29 07:45:33 2023 +1000
-extra changes to lineage reports formatting due to feedback.

Date: Fri Sep 29 04:35:57 2023 +1000
-Major macOS verNum increased to 14, userText changed.
-Extra late fix for the thumbnail cropping issues.

Date: Fri Sep 29 02:52:22 2023 +1000
Fixed LineageReport to align with userDefaults from AncByGen report and PersonalIno.

Date: Thu Sep 28 22:44:29 2023 +1000
-Update of version umber to 2.14.0 in preferencesLIst
-repair of the pictures borders and selected picture highlighting
-repair of picture transcription button.
-Removal of 3 alert warnings
-various logging clean up.

Date: Thu Sep 28 12:51:46 2023 +1000
-Deduplication to image categorizations, thumbnail generation
-remove of some deprecated functions.

Date: Thu Sep 28 07:37:23 2023 +1000
-Changes to date handling for lifespan calculations (still have to address hebrew dates in OnThisDay)
-changes to err API workflow
-Correction to name validation field for empty string (thanks Nigel)

Date: Thu Sep 28 07:22:14 2023 +1000
-Changes to ComparePerson and FTSourceRel.desc. More work to do.

Date: Wed Sep 27 11:51:24 2023 +1000
-Change to DB instantiation with NSSQLitePragmasOption
-use of autorelease as advised for memory issues.
-assorted (dates/array/dicts/sleep)
-altered parent comparison logic in DuplicatedPeople
made changes to alias path resolutions

Date: Fri Mar 10 12:30:27 2023 +1100
-Changes to date treatments
-assorted array and dict declarations along with attires renaming

Date: Tue Feb 28 16:03:02 2023 +1100
-used modern obj c syntaxes for most array and dict declarations. (329 and 156 respectively)
-replaced Utils.sleep with in-situ NSThread command.
-Fixed image metadata by removing internationalisation
-fixed scale display in page preview for hd view printing.
-fixed issue with spouse with no name getting stuck in ValidateField operation.

Date: Wed Feb 15 19:49:28 2023 +1100
-Deprecation cleanup - Castings, URLEncoding,ImageTypes,TextAlignment
-Remediation of EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION bug on Ventura caused by removeTrackingRect on rects that don't exist.

NB: The below was written in Feb2023 for V2.13.3 when I thought I was getting close to a release. It needs a cleanup to cover the past 7 months and reach V2.140, I'll do that soon and delete this line.

Change Log:-

- Fixed 3 tracking rectangles (mouse hot spots) in the Self and Family Tabs which were causing the UI to crash on Ventura.
- Repaired deprecated code to comply with min spec macOS 10.13

Date Handling
- Replaced deprecated use of CalendarDate with DateComponents. (many times).
[[NSDate date] descriptionWithCalendarFormat:@"%A %d-%b-%y at %H:%M" timeZone:nil locale:locale]
[Utils getDateStr:nil withFormat:@"EEEE d-MMM-yyyy at HH:mm"]

API usage
- Generalised use of API queries to the backend of iFamily.
--- Introduced visual elements to notify user that API request/response is occurring in the background.
---impacted files from Utils_API.m:

Gedcom changes
- date handling

File Handling
- in NSURL -> Use of stringByAddingPercentEncodingWithAllowedCharacters instead of stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding

-Implicit casting of AppController, FTreeDocument and FTAssociation where used.

- [NSImage imageUnfilteredTypes] -> imageUnfilteredFileTypes

Utils.h - New Functions
+(NSString*) getDateStr:(NSDate*)datey withFormat:(NSString*)fmt;
+(NSDate*) createDateWithYear:(NSInteger)yr month:(NSUInteger)mon day:(NSUInteger)dy;
@interface Utils (API)
+(NSString*) hipHipHooray:(NSString*)target;
+(NSMutableURLRequest*) getRequestDldlDb:(NSData*)dbJson;
+(NSMutableURLRequest*) getRequestReportErr:(NSData*)errJson;
+(NSMutableURLRequest*) getRequestVersion:(NSData*)verJson;
+(NSMutableURLRequest*) getRequestReg:(NSData*)regJson;
+(NSMutableURLRequest*) iFamApiPostReq:(NSString*)endp withDict:(NSDictionary*)dict;

Removal of Ariel font.

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Re: iFamily for Mac V2.14.0 - 29 Sep 2023

Post by MariaR » Sun Oct 01, 2023 3:33 pm

Thanks for the update!

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Re: iFamily for Mac V2.14.0 - 29 Sep 2023

Post by AlanRoyDavis » Wed Oct 04, 2023 12:56 am

This problem still occurs.

Adding a file (jpg) to Pictures.

The file referenced in the panel (See attachment) was being loaded into Pictures for the very first time.

running on 15" Mac Air - Ventura 13.5.2

Alan Davis
Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 5.45.44 PM.png
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Re: iFamily for Mac V2.14.0 - 29 Sep 2023

Post by Jerri » Sun Oct 08, 2023 12:25 am

Is this version compatible with Mac OS Sonoma (14)? I am currently running Ventura 13.5.2.

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Re: iFamily for Mac V2.14.0 - 29 Sep 2023

Post by AdiaLee » Fri May 03, 2024 6:47 pm

Jerri wrote:
Sun Oct 08, 2023 12:25 am
Is this version compatible with Mac OS Sonoma (14)? I am currently running Ventura 13.5.2.
Jerri, did you ever receive a response? I am also looking to upgrade from macOS 13 to 14 and concerned about compatibility. I emailed support but have not heard back. Is iFamily no longer being updated?

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