iFamily for Mac V2.9.6 - 07 Oct 2017

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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iFamily for Mac V2.9.6 - 07 Oct 2017

Post by Warwick Wilson » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:31 pm

Change Log:-

64 bit conversion
Major changes have been committed to accommodate Apples transition to supporting only 64 bit applications. Nearly every source file has been altered to reclassify the variable types used "under the hood". iFamily is now natively only a 64bit application.

Interfaces update
All dialogs and windows have been upgraded and replaced, (all nib interface documents have been converted to xib interface documents.). Only one document was identified that was causing a crash, (it was the "Project Views" accessible from the toolbar). This one sheet was reverted to the old format until the cause of the error has been identified and rectified.

Compiler warnings
The number of compiler warning has been reduced from over 1000 to 150. Many of these were semantic issues with coding style and type matching when printing numbers which have had no discernible issues from a user perspective. Many deprecated functions have also been replaced by more modern alternatives, in particular the dialogs for Opening and Saving files have been reworked. Clearing up these issues has however made iFamily an even more robust app and has cleared the way for recompiling on a later version of OSX/macOS. Yes, we will be dropping support for OSX 10.6 through 10.10ish in the next version, the numbers of customers still using these old systems is very small and the current version will suffice.

General changes
- Fixed the Latitude/Longitude derivations in the Google Maps interface. (NB: This still needs a further major reworking or replacement.).
- Fixed the number formatting in Self and Family tabs on the main window and also in the people index. (numbers over 1000, including eyar of birth and death, were displaying with commas.).
- The Gedcom Import interface required the removal of the alert box which pops up when the import succeeds. (A crash resulted). The information therein is now contained on the main panel.
- The Apple certificates generated for gatekeeper in 2012 timed out after 5 years and new certificates have been embedded.
- Removal of the deprecated Quicktime package - please report any issues if you are storing videos in your pictures folders.

Things still requiring our attention
- Please email a report of any issues you may encounter with this version, due to the in depth changes made we are expecting some minor problems with the interface, (which may of course crash the program).
- There is still a bug in the search bar when a user is in full screen mode, please avoid using it in full screen mode as this may lead to a crash.
- The pictures are still displaying at quarter size on retina screens in some reports. Although this sounds like an easy fix it is a little more involved as the images require a more through rework throughout the application.
- We note that the interface to "iPhoto" is still in there when we should be associating with "Photos" now. This will be remediated soon when support is dropped for OSX.
- There is a problem with the merge sources functionality which is resulting in references to sources which no longer exist. This has in turn led to a crash when exporting a Gedcom in some cases as noted elsewhere on the forums.

It is planned that we will release another new version in November attending to these and any other issues that are reported.

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