What's New in V2.463 - released 07 October 2008

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.463 - released 07 October 2008

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What's New in V2.463

For a great video describing these changes go to:

Walkthrough: iFamily for Leopard V2.463 Update

by Ben Sayer, The Mac Genealogist
  • Context Diagram
    • There are now 11 options for displaying the text for each person in the Context Diagram:
      • Full Name,
        First and Last Name,
        Birth and Death Info,
        Migration Events,
        Religious Events,
        Cause of Death and
        Last Change date.
      The chosen option will now remain in force until it is changed by the user and it is also saved as a User Preference and will be used as the default the next time you start iFamily. This means that if you are working on a particular topic (e.g. Migration) then the display will remain the same whilst you navigate or promote people to be the Focal Person. The text options are displayed at the top of the Preferences Panel. The "short-cut" is to use the scroll wheel/ball over any person in the Context Diagram.
  • Adding New Parents and Children
    • Changed the warning messages to be less convoluted and more easily understood.
  • Individual's Pane
    • Reactivated the Last Change field. The "Last Change" label now acts as a mouse-over button to display additional information on change dates. Please note that timestamping of changes has been reactivated in V2.463 for all database objects.
    • Added an "Also Known As" (AKA) field to the individual's pane. At the moment this field is not included in any reports.
  • People Index
    • Changed the Help dialog for the People Index so that the Close button is visible on a small screen.
  • Prune Minor Dynasties
    • Corrected an (occasional) error that occurred after closing the Prune Minor Dynasties dialog.
  • Event Subtypes Dialog
    • Corrected the Event Subtypes dialog (Ages column) for use on OSX 10.4
    • Added "Generate CSV File" that generates a CSV file and opens it in the default spreadsheet application. Each column of the spreadsheet represents a decade, e.g. 1880 to 1889. The aim of this report is to simplify the identification of missing events, especially missing Census events. To see the same type of Event Timelines for any one individual you can use the new "Timeline" button in the Events pane.
  • Events With No Source References
    • Added a new menu option Events -> Events with No Source References.
  • Event Places Dialog
    • Enhanced the "Move Places to Notes" function so that multiple Places can be selected in the upper table and moved ot once. This can save considerable time when correcting errors that were imported into iFamily from FTM Gedcom files for FACT records _FA1, _FA2, ...
    • Added "Move Places to Event Names". Particularly useful for batch editing after importing non-conforming FACT records from a Gedcom file created by FTM V16.0.350.
  • Events Pane
    • Added a "Timeline" button that displays a personal timeline of events with a column for each decade. This timeline will also be displayed when you click on the "Other Events" label in the Individual's pane.
  • Sources Add/Edit Dialog
    • Added "Merge Duplicate Sources" button which combines all duplicate Sources and reassigns the attached Source References (Citations) to the combined record.
    • Added a button to display full details, and to permit editing of, Source References (Citations) that are listed in the where-used table in the bottom RH corner of the Sources Add/Edit dialog.
    • Labels for Source Notes. You can now have any number of sets of labels for the Source Notes - accessed via a pop-up menu. The sets of labels for the Source Notes field are now saved for reuse in subsequent iFamily sessions. The labels are now inserted at the current cursor position rather than always at the start of the Source Notes field. There will be many cases where the text that you copy and paste from a census record or a marriage certificate are already labelled and you will probably not need to insert labels, but it is there if you need it. Also, if you are saving images of the census pages or certificates, then you may find it is better not to duplicate the same content of the Source too often.
  • Active Sources
    • The Active Source function has been (subtly) enhanced by adding check boxes for the Page Refs and Topic and the dialog is slightly different depending of whether the source reference is for a Person, Event or Picture.
    • When you right click on a child in the Family pane you now have a choice of adding a Source Reference (citation) to the Child, his/her Birth Event or Death Event.
  • Sources -> Review Source References Dialog
    • Added a Print button to generate a Rich Text Format (RTF) file..
  • Copy and Paste from the Pictures Pane onto the Context Diagram
    • Enhanced the copy/paste of pictures from the Pictures pane onto people in the Context Diagram include pasting the picture's Title, Date and Notes. This now allows you to select a new Focal Person and to copy/paste full data about pictures to grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc of the Focal Person. There is no change for Drag/Drop of Pictures from the Pictures pane onto people in the Context diagram which only allows you to drop pictures onto people who were visible in the Context Diagram when the drag started.
  • Pictures and Other Media - Source References
    • Enhanced the Pictures Add/Edit dialog to enable creation of a Source Reference from a Source to a Picture/Media object.
  • Thumbnails for PDF files
    • PDF files now (once again) use the same thumbnail as is displayed in Finder.

      Hint: If you have existing PDF images in iFamily and you want them to be converted to the Finder PDF Image style of thumbnail then open the Picture Editor and click on any of the thumbnail properties or the button labelled "Defaults".
  • Database Change Report
    • Added a report of changes made to the database - for a user specified period of days before now.
  • Ancestors and Descendants Reports
    • The One Line per Person option now includes marriage dates in the report.
  • HTML Web Page Generation
    • Added a de-personalise option in addition to the existing Exclude Living and Recently Deceased options.
  • Gedcom Load and Gedcom Export
    • Improved import for Source Repository records, same gender marriages and alias file names for multimedia objects.
    • Added code to handle the special case of Personal Ancestral File (PAF) V2.31 LDS SLGC data as sub-records of FAM.CHIL records. iFamily now also handles the LDS Status codes in PAF V2.31 Gedcom files. PAF V2.31 was issued 24 September, 1994 whereas the Gedcom 5.5 Standard was not issued until 2 Jan 1996.
    • Added handling of Ancestry.com (FTM) WFT Est Dates and handling of REPO notes by reference.
    • Improved export of Cause of Death, and Source Repository records.
Version 2.463 was released on 7th October, 2008
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