iFamily for Mac V2.10.1 - 31 Dec 2020

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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iFamily for Mac V2.10.1 - 31 Dec 2020

Post by Warwick Wilson » Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:10 am

Change Log:-

- Allowed execution on all macOS 11.x (all Big Sur?). This should see most users through to Oct.Nov, and macOS beta testers through to Jun/Jul.
- Changed demo expiry to 5 non consecutive days.

- replaced the API call to register with an ASynchonous version so the window should return to the app immediately and there will be no more needing to Force Quit iFamily when this process occasionally hangs. (That was a bit embarrassing, truly.).

Images and Pictures
- removed/replaced some deprecated functionality. (flippedness, manual data Retention).
- Swapped out iPhoto for Photos throughout the app. (Finally, it was a search and replace with 36 hits, I should have done this eyars ago.
- Made a Laborious fix to the thumbnails images which was introduced with retina screens in 2014. The thumbnails will no longer be

- restored the functionality of the "iFamily Help" menu option which was borked in the previous version.

"This version will not work on your mac" notification
- Replaced the iFamily homepage link with one that leads directly to the upgrade page for a fresh download. (Enter through the gift shop... there is a link at the bottom of the upgrade to proceed directly to the download page.).

- Updated the forum software from phpbb2.2.3 to phpbb2.3.2 in the hopes that it would fix the problem of spam contact emails and spam users. Two spammy user requests were received in the first 3 hours so I turned off registration once more. I need a new forum software, or I need to hack some ReCatchpaV3 functionality in there.
- General usability updates on the website. I added Keith's Help file in there from the support page, (same one as in the software). Still a lot of work left to do to clean up. It's probably worth a rewrite in not-php.

Known Issues
- The "fixed" thumbnails issue does not behave when you click "CropAll" in the Pictures DIalog, this now only shows the bottom left corner of the image in the thumbnail. In order to get the whole image, drag a box across the picture from corner to corner.
- I had thought there was a regenerate all thumbnails functionailty already in iFamily, but it appears not. I will make a QA test in a future version to remedy the bad thumbnails remaining in the databases. (You can do this yourself


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