What's New in V2.419 - released 29 July 2008

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.419 - released 29 July 2008

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What's New in V2.419
  • Context Diagram ScrollBall Action

    When the mouse pointer is over a person in the Context Diagram then the scroll-ball will change the display from Name to Title, to Birth/Death Info, to Marriage Info, Migration Events, Religious Events and Burial/Cremation Events. The scrolling is now applied to all people in the diagram rather than just the person under the mouse pointer.
  • Ancestors Diagram

    Extended the option to include siblings of each ancestor to include the ALL of each ancestors' siblings' descendants. This now provides an everyone diagram starting with the Selected Person, then working backwards through his/her ancestors and then downwards from each the ancestors' siblings. You can select and anchor the diagram on one person in the Ancestors Diagram while you advance the stepper button to display more and more people. The anchored person stays visible for each redraw of the diagram. These diagrams may be very large (> 30,000 people) - it is best to select the Horizontal mode when viewing them. Print them on paper if you like, but please discuss it with a Greenie first.
  • Descendants Diagram

    Added an option to display an indented list of each descendants' spouses' ancestors.
  • Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams

    Added an option to "Exclude Birth Dates of the Living".

    Added an option to display consanguinity of each person relative to the root person of the current Ancestral View.

    Corrected an error that occurred when an Ancestors or Descendants diagram was open whilst a person was deleted in the Context Diagram.
  • Active Source

    Added a button the Source Reference (Citation) dialog to allow you to quickly change the Active Source. When there is a Source selected as the "Active Source" then each time you add a new Person or Event a dialog will ask you to connect the new Person or Event to the Active Source, that is, to create a Source Reference (Citation). If you are working from a number of Sources at the same time you may forget to change the Active Source before you add the next Person or Event to your database. This new button effectively allows you to have an Active Source always defined but to quickly switch it to another Source and thus to work more efficiently.

    Enhanced the Active Source dialog that is displayed when the A/S button on the toolbar is pressed. Added buttons for Focal Person and Choose. Added a display of Notes for the selected Source Reference (Citation).
  • Source References

    Added menu option Sources -> Review Source References (Citations).
  • Sources Pane

    Improved the validation of the Page Reference field to handle cut and paste of text from an external application.
  • Duplicate Names Warning

    Re-implemented the user option to suppress the display the Duplicate Names Warning. Improved the algorithm for deciding if a name is a duplicate or not.
  • HTML Web Pages Generation

    Added a new menu option Burn CD or DVD after Generate HTML Web Pages.

    Added option to Include Notes for each Picture.

    Corrected the HTML generation when using HSB, CYMK and GreyScale colours.
  • Toolbar Search Field

    The list of found people now displays "Name (BirthYear - DeathYear)" instead of "Name, BirthYear"
  • Statistics Report

    Added options to sort lifespan information by (a) Age at Death, (b) Family Name/First Name and (c) First Name/Family Name.
  • Pictures Add/Edit Dialog

    Added Cmd-N and Cmd-P as shortcuts for Next and Previous buttons.
  • People Index

    If you are using OSX 10.5 (Leopard) then the warning about using filters to improve the sort speed will now only be displayed once per session and only if you have a large database. If you are using Leopard and the sort of the People Index is still slow then you may need to export the entire database to a Gedcom file and then reload the Gedcom file into iFamily. On a large database that was originally created under OSX 10.4 (Tiger) this will have make the sort much faster. A database created under Leopard will have five more indexes than one that was created under OSX 10.4 (Tiger), some of which are used by this sort function.
  • People Relationships Calculator

    Enhanced the relationship description (below the table) to include relationships by marriage.
  • Child's Details Dialog

    Corrected a bug that will cause a "iFamily Quit Unexpectedly" error - usually after adding a child when multiple databases were open at the same time. No damage was done but it was annoying.
  • Event Places Dialog

    Added a Print CSV Report option.
  • Gedcom Load

    Added additional code to allow for Gedcom files generated by Geni.com that do not conform to the Gedcom 5.5 Standards.
  • Gedcom Export

    Added user customisable export of SUBM and SUBN records.
Note: If you have not already upgraded to V2.403 then please read Upgrading to iFamily for Leopard in What's New in V2.403 before upgrading to V2.419. You can upgrade directly to V2.419 without first installing V2.403.

V2.419 was released on 29th July 2008.
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