What's New in V2.403 - released 02 July 2008

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.403 - released 02 July 2008

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Upgrading from iFamily for Tiger to iFamily for Leopard - it runs fine on OSX 10.4 (Tiger) but even better on OSX 10.5 (Leopard)
  • BEFORE you upgrade to iFamily for Leopard
    • Quit from iFamily for Tiger
    • Back up the folder called iFamilyForTigerData including all its files and subfolders. The simplest way to do this is to use Finder to locate the folder, Right Click on it and from the pop-up menu select Compress "iFamilyForTigerData" - On Tiger this menu option is called Create Archive of "iFamilyForTigerData".
    • Rename the file called Archive.zip to iFamilyForTigerData.zip
    • Do NOT change or delete the existing folder called iFamilyForTigerData, nor any of its contents. It will be renamed to iFamilyData when you start iFamily for Leopard.
  • Download and Install iFamily for Leopard
    • Start iFamily for Tiger

      Note: If you have received an email from me regarding upgrading to V2.500 then use the hyperlinks contained in the email - do not use the following menu option.
    • Download iFamily For Leopard using menu option iFamily For Tiger -> Download Latest Release.
      Please Note: Since you are currently using iFamily for Tiger you will receive a Disk Image file called iFamilyForTigerV2.4xx which is a wrapper that actually contains iFamilyForLeopardV2.4xx
    • Quit from iFamily for Tiger.
    • Install iFamily For Leopard by double clicking on the MPKG file
  • AFTER you have installed iFamily for Leopard
    • Drag the icon called iFamily For Tiger that is in your Dock onto your Desktop (poof)
    • From your /Applications folder drag iFamily for Leopard.app into your Dock
    • In your /Applications folder move iFamily for Tiger.app into the Trash Can
    • Start iFamily for Leopard by clicking on the iFamily icon in your Dock
    • Use menu option File -> Open Recent or File -> Open to open an existing iFamily database.
What's New in V2.403

iFamily for Leopard
  • Renamed iFamily for Tiger to be iFamily for Leopard
Context Diagram
  • Activated the scroll-wheel for the Focal Person's siblings. Hover the mouse pointer over the lower RH corner of the Focal Person's box and then roll forward to display the older siblings and backward to display the younger siblings. The up/down arrows will indicate when there are no more siblings to be displayed. In previous versions you could use Cmd+UpArrow and Cmd+DownArrow to promote a sibling to be the Focal Person - but using the scroll-wheel is more intuitive.
  • Added a set of "cards" behind the Focal Person to indicate how many siblings he/she had. This simple addition of a card for each sibling adds additional meaning for the family context in which the person grew up.
  • Corrected the redisplay of the spouse after aborting the addition of a second spouse.
Family Pane
  • Added pop-up tooltips that display the day of the week over the labels for Born, Died and "were married on"
  • Added a calendar month display when you click on the labels Born or Died for either husband or wife.
  • Corrected the display of the husband's current age mouse-over tooltip.
Ancestors Diagram
  • Added an option to display siblings for all people - previously you could only display the siblings of the root person. The new option for displaying the ancestors' siblings is on the Customise defaults dialog - on the LH side between the options for Spouses and Notes.
Pictures Editor Dialog
  • Added Next and Previous buttons to the Picture Editor dialog - lets you quickly edit each of a person's thumbnails without returning to the main window between each edit. These 2 new buttons also mean that if you click on an image in the Context Diagram (or in the Family pane) then you can immediately use the Next and Previous buttons to see (and edit) the other thumbnail images for the same person.
  • Corrected the display of the where-used table and original filenames - which were broken by the changes in V2.400.
Prune Minor Dynasties
  • Corrected a bug that affected use of Prune Minor Dynasties under Tiger.
Duplicate People
  • In the CSV report file the mother's column is now contains the correct data.
HTML Web Page Output
  • Changed the Index filename to (lowercase I) index.html
Sources Add/Edit dialog
  • Added a Source Notes button that invokes a dialog to add/edit/view more extensive Notes.
  • Corrected a performance problem in the Sources Add/Edit dialog when source Notes are larger than 32Kb. This problem occurred only when using OSX 10.4 (Tiger). It did not occur when using OSX 10.5 (Leopard).
Sources Pane
  • Removed duplicate mouse-over pop-up tooltip in Sources pane of the main window.
Gedcom Load
  • Corrected an error introduced in V2.398. If certain records are missing from the Gedcom header (HEAD) record then Gedcom Load may cease loading. The records contain to the name/version of the program that generated the Gedcom file and the date on which it was created - most genealogy programs are well behaved and do create these records, however...
Gedcom Export
  • All date strings are converted to uppercase when written to the Gedcom file including the qualifier prefixes BEF, AFT, ABT and also the month names JAN - DEC.
Version 2.403 was released on 2nd July, 2008
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