What's New in V2.398 - released 20 June 2008

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.398 - released 20 June 2008

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What's New in V2.398

Active Source button on the Main Toolbar
  • The A/S button on the main toolbar is now split. The LH part of the button acts as it did previously. The RH part displays a drop-down menu allowing the user to quickly pick a new Active Source. The keyboard shortcut is Control+1.
Gedcom Load
  • Added reference/statistical information regarding a Gedcom Load to the metadata in the new iFamily database that is created during the load. One customer (maybe more) has had a problem remembering which iFamily database was created from which Gedcom file and when. In this case the Gedcom files had the same name but were generated by different applications 6 years apart, and they contained similar data (sort of).
  • Added a menu option to display the Gedcom Load information stored in the database metadata.
Context Diagram
  • Added an option to display full details (including Notes) in the mouse-over pop-up tooltip.
  • Added an option to adjust the colour gradient of the background colour for each person.
  • Added an option to adjust the size of the shadows and a colour scheme called Bold.
  • Activated the scroll wheel for each person's box in the Context Diagram. Hover the mouse pointer over any person - scroll-back to display information such as title/occupation, birth/death, marriages and then a list of children in each box. Scroll forward moves back up the list of details.
  • Added a small button in the bottom RH corner of each person's box that will display a full description of each person including birth, marriages, death, parents, children, notes, events and source references. Press Return to dismiss the pop-up dialog.

    To obtain more information about a person in the Context Diagram the user can now choose to refer to the information in the lower panes of the main window, display abbreviated pop-up tooltips, display full pop-up tooltips, use the scroll-wheel to scroll the info in each person's box, activate the personal details dialog. You can also, of course generate a variety of reports for a particular person.
Family Pane
  • Added a current age field in the Family pane, under the "Born" labels, that shows the current age in years for husband/wife. The mouse-over tooltip displays the person's current age in years, months and days.
For upgrading instructions go to How do I upgrade to the latest release?

V2.398 was released on 20th June, 2008
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