What's New in V2.394 - released 13 June 2008

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.394 - released 13 June 2008

Post by Keith Wilson » Sun May 25, 2008 8:57 am

What's New in V2.394 - for upgrading instructions go to How do I upgrade to the latest release?

Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams
  • Corrected the generation of the PDF file for the Ancestors and Descendants diagrams - it occasionally created a PDF file with some of the text or pictures missing.
  • In the Ancestors and Descendants diagrams the Picture captions (first name) are now only displayed when "Display Spouses' Thumbnails" is turned on.
Picture Editor Dialog
  • Reduced the default height of the Picture Editor dialog to suit a 13" 1280x800 screen with the Dock at bottom of the screen.
Events Pane
  • Changed the response to using Forward and Backward Tab in the Events pane. A forward Tab from a Notes field will move the focus to the EventName field in the next row. A Backward Tab from the Event Name field will move the focus to the Notes field in the previous row.
Husband and Wife Labels
  • If there is no recorded Marriage Event between two people, then a spousal relationship is now labelled as "Spouse/Partner" instead of using the words "Husband" and "Wife". This wording has been applied in the Relationship panes, the Relationship Calculator, Disconnect Person dialog and in the HTML Web Pages.
Autocomplete of Event Place Names
  • This search for an existing Place is now case-sensitive rather than case-insensitive.
Auto-Saving of Uncommitted Fields
  • An uncommitted data field will now always be saved to the database when a Previous Focal Person is selected from the Toolbar and also when any main menu option is selected. Previously most menu options invoked an automatic commit of the last data entry field but a few did not - which could be confusing.
Compare and Merge from Another Database
  • Added display of Notes for Birth and Death Events.
  • Comparison of people's names is now caseInsensitive.
  • Improved merging of Events
  • Added an option to Show Differences Only
  • Added an option to Remove Matched People
  • Added a showMe button in the Person Merge dialog - displays a summary of the differences between two People.
  • Improved the matching of multiple Events of the same type.
Copy Person from Another Database Duplicate People
  • Enhanced the matching algorithm for finding Duplicate People to use caseInsensitive compares for names. Also corrected an error when comparing birth and death years in the People -> Duplicates dialog.
HTML Web Pages Generation
  • Added check on available disk space prior to generation.
Events -> Calculated Birth and Death Dates
  • Added Events -> Calculate Birth Dates from Christenings and Baptisms and Events -> Calculate Death Dates from Burials and Cremations. These functions are very useful after importing a Gedcom file that contains Burial information but where the Death Events have not been entered.
Removing Minor Dynasties
  • Added a new menu option People -> Prune Minor Dynasties. The Main Dynasty is the largest group of inter-connected people in the database. The remaining people may be inter-connected into smaller dynasties or may be stand alone unconnected people. The purpose of this function is to allow you to remove all the people other than those who belong to the Main Dynasty, which can assist you to "see the wood from the trees". It was originally created to assist people who have imported Gedcom files that contain large numbers of small dynasties. The database will be backed up before any people are deleted. The alternative (slower method) is to use menu option Gedcom Export -> Focal Person + All Related People and then to reimport the Gedcom file into a new database.
Export to iCal and AddressBook
  • Corrected an error in compiling the AppleScript commands - only reported by one (power) user.
Gedcom Load
  • Added code to auto-correct the levels of CONC and CONT records in Gedcom files generated by Reunion 6. These records from R6 do not conform to the Gedcom Standard and it was originally reported on March 28, 2000.
  • Corrected the import of Gedcom files for CONT and CONT records. In V2.387 an error was introduced which could result in (a) an extra space at the start of each line of Notes text and (b) an occasional extra space within the Notes text, both of which make the Notes fields look untidy. We apologise for this coding error in V2.387. The same error also affected various other fields in Sources. When you load an existing database into it will now automatically look for and remove most of these extra space characters, i.e. it will look for any line of text in a Notes (or Source) field that starts with a space character and remove one space character. This correction routine will only be run once on a given database.
People Notes Editor
  • Added an option to left-justify each line of the Person's Notes field.
Context Diagram and Family pane/dialogs
  • Reinstated the duplicate names warning when adding new people to the database.
Changes in V2.394 that were not in V2.393
  • Copy Person from Another Database
    • A new Active Source is now created for each copy/merge session. Each new person or event that is added to the Target Database is referenced to the Active Source. The Notes for the Active Source contain the complete log of the merge process.
    • Fixed an occasional hang at the end of the merge process. This mainly occurred on large databases on heavily loaded machines.
  • Merge Source Fields from another Database
    • Added a new menu option under File -> Compare and Merge to compare and merge Source fields from another database.
V2.394 was released on 13th June 2008.

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