What's New in V2.358 - released 28 February 2008

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.358 - released 28 February 2008

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What's New in V2.358

Story Pane
  • Added options to include step and adopted relationships for parents and children.
Spouse Sequencing
  • When no marriage dates are available or they cannot be approximated by using children's birth dates, then spouses will be sorted in the chronological order in which the spousal relationships were created by the user.

Disconnect Person
  • A spouse relationship may now be disconnected when the parents have children in common and one of the parent-child relationships is Adopted or Foster. If the parents have a child in common via a natural or step relationship then the spouse relationship may not be disconnected.
Family Pane
  • In the Family pane of the main window - when a Source is "Active" and a new child is added then the gender field of the new child will be automatically selected without having to re-select it with the left mouse button.
People Index - Sorting
  • The People Index may now be sorted by birth and death years by clicking on the column headers in addition to sorting by ID, Family Name and Given Names.
People Index - CSV Report
  • Added an options panel so the user can choose which columns of data to generate for the People Index CSV Report.
  • There is a new option to create a single column for spouses separated by commas.
  • Multiple spouses can now be in separate columns instead of using linefeed characters within individual column. Some 3rd party programs had difficulty handling the embedded linefeeds even though they were CSV compliant and could be handled by the majority of CSV parsers. Linefeed characters in the ToDo column have been changed to n.
Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams
  • Added an option to display the default image for each spouse in the Descendants Diagram.
  • Added titles to the Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams.
People - Family Names
  • Added a new main menu item called People -> Edit Family Names - to assist when editing and making Family Names more consistent. This function should be used with care - if the name on a birth certificate is misspelt then so be it - that was the person's registered name - so it should not be changed just for the sake of being consistent and making names look consistent. This function also allows you to uppercase or capitalise all existing Family Names.
People - Duplicates
  • Added a new menu option People -> Duplicates and enhanced the functionality that was previously in the People Index for Duplicates. This can still be accessed from the People Index.
People - Personal Notes
  • Added a new dialog under menu option People -> Notes where the user can quickly review and edit people's Notes fields. Allows you to more easily reformat Notes that were imported from a poorly formatted Gedcom file.
People - Personal Comments
  • Added a new dialog under menu option People -> Comments where the user can quickly review and edit people's Comments fields. Allows you to quickly to remove unwanted data that was dumped in the comments field during import from a Gedcom file.
People - Relationships Calculator
  • Added a new dialog under menu option People -> Relationships Calculator. This is an enhanced version of the dialog that was previously only available from the People Index. It displays the shortest path relationship and the consanguinity between two people.
Sources Report
  • Added an option for One Line Per Source for the Sources report
  • Added an option to output to RTF or CSV for the Sources report
Export BDM to iCal
  • Added a a kinship spin button in lieu of the "Close Relatives" option.
[hr]People Index

V2.356 - extended the description for each person to include Events and Source References. This is only available if you are running Leopard.
V2.356 - added a new filter to display only those people who have Source References (Citations).

People - Duplicates

V2.356 - protected all columns, other than the Person's Name, from being edited.
V2.357 - corrected an error that occurred only when using OS X 10.4.x (Tiger)

[hr]V2.358 - corrected a problem that was reported when using the new dialogs under Tiger.

Version 2.358 was released on 28 February 2008
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