What's New in V2.310 - released 02 December 2007

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.310 - released 02 December 2007

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What's New in V2.310

Main Window Redraws

Leopard only - corrected the remaining dirty redraws of the main window after closing another dialog.

Family Pane and Family Dialog

Minor enhancement to the field-to-field tabbing in the table of children.
In the Family pane, in the lower half of of the main window, a mouse over the Age at Death column will display the age as years, months and days. Ditto for the husband's and wife's age at death fields.

Drop Down Sheets

Leopard only - the default in Leopard is for all drop down sheet dialogs to be semi-transparent. This has been overridden so that most drop down sheets now have a solid background colour.

Pictures Pane

The pictures pane in the lower half of the main window has been enhanced so that the UpArrow (or DownArrow) keys select the picture in the row above (or in line below). The Return key will now invoke the Picture Editor dialog for the currently selected picture. The result is that the user can quickly navigate the thumbnail images and invoke the picture editor using only key strokes - i.e. does not need to use the mouse except for the initial selection.

Minor enhancements to printing of full screen when Picture pane is active.

Data Inconsistency Report

Corrected a memory leak.

Database Backups

The user can now set the name of the backup file and the folder to which it is saved. The target folder may be on a network drive provided you have the appropriate permissions.

Family Group Sheets

Corrected the "Living" option for birth info.

Ancestors and Descendants Diagram

Added an option to display/hide the timeline.

Context Diagram

The miniature pictures in the Context Diagram now pop-up when moused over - but only if the option "Display Pop-up Details and Pictures" is active.

V2.310 was released on 2 December 2007
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