What's New in V2.295 - released 17 November 2007

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.295 - released 17 November 2007

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What's New in V2.295

Reports - Invocation of MS Word

In V2.292 a change was made to the way a word processor is invoked - to handle the Leopard version of Nisus Writer. Unfortunately MS Word/Excel no longer launched. All word processors and spreadsheets will again launch correctly in V2.294.

Ancestors Diagrams

Corrected the display of Foster parents in the Ancestors diagram.

Populating Your Address Book

If you are planning a family reunion and want to use the Address Book to contact people then this new function will populate a new Address Book Group with the names of selected people. Once the names are in the Address Book you can add their addresses and print labels or print directly onto envelopes from Address Book. The people must be living to be transferred to the Address Book.

V2.295 was released on 17th November, 2007
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