What's New in V2.292 - released 15 November 2007

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.292 - released 15 November 2007

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What's New in V2.292 - released on 15 November 2007

People Index

Corrected a bug in the People Index that sometimes occurred after a person had been deleted in the Context Diagram.
Corrected the refresh of the People Index after selecting a new Focal Person.

Project Views Dialog

Adjusted the size of the Project Views Add/Edit dialog to fit on smaller screens.


Corrected the launching of word processing applications like "Nisus Writer Express V3.0.1" that include periods in the application name (Leopard)

Data Inconsistencies Report

Added a check for Death Date = Y when reporting people with missing birth and death dates.

Filtered People Report

Corrected a database binding error (Leopard only) that occurred after running the Filtered People Report.

Context Diagram

Corrected the highlighting of relationship handles (Leopard only)
Added an indicator of number of images for focal person.
Added an option to save/print Full Window or Diagram Only.

Dynasties Report

Corrected a bug that could occur on larger databases when generating the Dynasties report.

Notes and Comments panes

The Notes and Comments fields in the lower panes have been causing a problem (Leopard only) after a certain number of consecutive changes. This has been corrected.

Compare and Merge Two Databases

Enhanced and restructured the report on the comparison of two databases.
Activated the compare report for matching on Person ID.
Added Browse, Double Space buttons and new progress indicator.
Added comparison of picture file names.

Database Backup

Added a new menu option to create a a database backup in a folder called iFamilyForTigerData / Backups The backup databases can then be used as a checkpoint for comparing all changes since that last backup was created.

Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams

Added an option to display each person's Notes in full or truncated at 250 characters (the default).
Added a Save as PDF button which automatically invokes Preview. Within Preview you can then select the menu option "Mail Document" if you want to email a copy of the diagram to a friend.

V2.292 was released on 15th November, 2007
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