What's New in V2.260 - released 11 September 2007

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's New in V2.260 - released 11 September 2007

Post by Keith Wilson » Sat Sep 01, 2007 1:46 pm

What's New in V2.260


Improved memory management for databases that contain many Sources and Source References. With large databases the spinning beach ball occasionally occurred during a change of Focal Person.

Added a search filter for Sources to the Sources Add/Mod/Delete dialog, with options to filter on all Source fields or on any individual field. The search options are accessed by clicking on the disclosue triangle to the right of the Q in the search field.

Added a search filter to the Source Citations table to filter on Page Ref. The Source Citations can be sorted by clicking column headers.

The location of the vertical splitbar between Notes and Source Citations is now remembered the next time that the Sources dialog is invoked.

Corrected a bug that sometimes occurred after deleting a Source.

Corrected a bug in the Events pane that occasionally occurred with large databases when there a an Active Source and after new Event was added.

People Index

Added additional columns for database name, father, mother, spouses and todo in the comma delimited spreadsheet output.

The frame position of the People Index is now saved as a user default and reused in the next iFamily session.

Relatives Pane

Added a print button to generate a comma delimited (csv) file similar to the one for the People Index. This report can be very useful for creating "please fill in the blanks reports" that can be mailed to relatives to collect missing data. If you have a few spreadsheet skills then you may like to create something more elaborate.

Statistics Report

Added the statistics for Age At Death < 1, 1 - 10, 11 - 20, ... as both numbers and percentages.

Colors - CYMK, HSB and Grayscale

Reactivated the CYMK, HSB and Grayscale colour options in the ColorPanel. For adjusting the background colour of the Context Diagram the HSB option in the ColorPanel is great - try it as follows: Reset the default colours; Leave the Saturation at 24%, the Brightness at 98%; slide the Hue up/down from 0 degrees - 360 degrees.

V2.260 was released on 11th September 2007

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