What's new in V2.511 - released 2nd September 2009

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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What's new in V2.511 - released 2nd September 2009

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What&#39s New in V2.511

Snow Leopard

V2.511 - Made iFamily aware of Mac OSX10.6

HTML Reporting Depersonalization

V2.509 - Removed identities names from the HTML filenames. (in all cases - A more comprehensive fix will be revisited at a later date.)

Context Diagram - Highlighting Inconsistencies

V2.501 - added an option to highlight inconsistent parent-child relationships in the Context Diagram. They are calculated using similar rules to those used in the Data Inconsistency Report. Clicking on the mid point of the relationship line displays the parent-child relationship dialog which now includes an explanation the inconsistency.

V2.503/5 - various refinements based on user feedback.


Parent-Child Relationships - Assessment of Certainty

V2.501 - A certainty value (0 to 100%) and Notes may now be added to a parent-child relationship. Check boxes are provided to indicate whether the data and sources supporting the certainty assertion represent:
  • Direct and/or Indirect Evidence,
    Primary and/or Secondary Information, and
    Original and/or Derivative Sources.
If you have multiple sources of information that are relevant then more than one option may be checked.

The final assessment of the certainty is left for the user to decide. If no assessment has yet been assigned by the user then the default certainty for the parent-child relationship is set to 50% - unless there are data inconsistencies when the default certainty is set to 20%.

A parent-child relationship that has low certainty or involves data inconsistencies will be highlighted in the Context Diagram, making it simple to spot where additional research effort is required. As you can see by clicking on the next image, my information on James Monro&#39s family is all a bit doubtful.

V2.503/5 - various refinements based on user feedback.


Relationships Pane

V2.501 - corrected the display of the sibling relationship where a sibling is adopted by one or both parents.

Associated People

V2.502 - added an option to add Associated People to the Focal Person. Associated People are people such as business associates, life-long friends, etc ... You may promote an associated person to be the Focal Person in the Context Diagram and then add parents and children to the associated person. The database can then contain multiple trees that are connected via these links.

V2.503/5 - various refinements based on user feedback.

Ancestors by Generation Report

V2.503 - added an Ancestors by Generation Report with similar options to the existing (indented) Ancestors Report but it displays each generation as a separate block of information, i.e. Generation 1 = parents, Generation 2 = grandparents, etc.... The report may include images and be output as either RTF or RTFD.

Sorting of Events

V2.506 - adjusted the sorting of "before" dates for incomplete dates. Examples: "Bef 1975" will now appear at the end of 1974 (after 31 Dec 1974) and "Bef June 1975" will now appear at the end of May (after 31 May 1975).

Cmd+W Shortcut for Close Buttons

V2.506 - added Cmd+W to various panels as a keyboard shortcut for the Close button.

Gedcom Export

V2.509 - Ordered the FAMC records to place families with natural parents first in the output.


V2.508 - Minor changes to the UI for the Parent Child Relationship Assessment dialog and the icon.

V2.508 - Updated copyright and contact information, all mail can now be directed to support@ifamilyforleopard.com
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