Whats new in V2.752 - released 25th July 2012

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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Whats new in V2.752 - released 25th July 2012

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Mountain Lion Compatibility.
  • ●Added OSX 10.8 to the list of allowed Operating Systems.
    ●Replaced the unknown OSX version crash with a dialog suggesting to update.
    ●Developer certificate has not yet been added. A control click on the installer and selecting "open" will circumvent Gatekeeper.
  • ●Added OSX Version to the registration details. iFamily now runs under OSX10.4 to 10.8, (Tiger to MLion) but it is becoming increasingly difficult to support Tiger Users without restricting later OSX's so we need to gather some stats on which OSX you're all using.
Consanguinity of spouses on the context diagram.
  • ●Minor change to hover text for consanguinity for spouses on the main diagram so that it doesn't state "Spouse is the same person as...".
Drop Down Box for spouses on the Family Panel.
  • ●Fixed a problem with the multiple spouses drop down box on the family panel where the box would set to null when an alternate partner was selected. (This was a problem on OSX Snow Leopard and above)
Context Diagram
  • ●Altered the way the text in the boxes centers vertically to work around a problem with the display on Mountain Lion.
Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams
  • ●Repaired a minor typo from V2.532 where step children were named as adopted children
Credits Dialog
  • ●Links to our support, website and email details.
Statistics report and Ancestors by Generation report
  • ●Increased the text size in the generated rtf reports. (20pt->28pt, 16pt->20pt). We will apply this further in a later version to all rtf reports. (formatting comments welcome if anyone has any good suggestions)

Translations - MANY files
  • ●Our huge but necessary task of the moment, externalization of strings has been applied wholly or partially for approximately 70% of the filebase. A grepping is shown here if you are interested in what that looks like.

    ●Completed reformat of 2000 Strings including 300 instances of gender qualification, (usage of brother/sister, father/mother, his/her, etc .)

    ●For anyone translating their Localization.Strings files, there are some restrictions around use of gender with M and F. If you are using altered MaleShort and FemaleShort key values it is suggested you create a new database or import fresh Gedcoms to avoid any conflicts. (To get around any inadvertently created inconsistencies use sqlite3 from a terminal connection and replace the gender field in the ZPerson table for the relevant *.FtkSql file.)
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