Support for new versions of GEDCOM

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Support for new versions of GEDCOM

Post by NigelRichman » Thu Sep 22, 2022 11:37 am

I have been looking at the GEDCOM export/import from iFamily and it used GEDCOM 5.5 standard which is quite old.

The latest GEDCOM org spec is 5.5.5 though 5.5.1 is often used (Not sure of the changes).

FamilySearch have issued GEDCOM 7.x which is not an update but a new standard - which is a bit confusing calling it a GEDCOM version.

I do not know if it is better or more comprehensive but it should be considered as an upgrade path for the next releases of iFamily.

Another issue I have seen is in the current export of Occupation (OCCU) which uses a TYPE field for the actual occupation whereas most other apps use the OCCU event itself.

e.g 1 OCCU Head Hunter

iFamily would export the following format:

2 TYPE Consultant Microbiologist
2 DATE BEF 1974
2 PLAC Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

This difference means that exports from ifamily lose the occupation data when imported into another app or (probably) the online trees.

I hope Warwick can take this onboard with version 2.13 or v3.0.


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