Exporting to GEDCOM freezes - version 2.9.4

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Exporting to GEDCOM freezes - version 2.9.4

Post by SuF » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:27 pm

I still can't resolve the problem with GEDCOM export, even with the latest version 2.9.4 I suspect I still have at least one 'rogue' source link with a blank number, but having fixed all the individuals (see my workaround under http://www.ifamilyformac.com/forums/vie ... =15&t=1171), it's now freezing while exporting families. I can't figure out a logical order for them - certainly not a simple numeric sequence like the individuals - so can't figure out how to find the next family to be exported.

Any suggestions?

I'm starting to get VERY nervous about losing months of work as I haven't been able to export since this problem started so haven't been able to produce an independent backup for months now.

Are you any nearer solving the original problem and producing a new version?


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