Picture Reference Linkages broken

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Picture Reference Linkages broken

Post by garylocock » Thu Dec 10, 2020 12:24 am

I emailed support@ifamilyformac.com on 14.11.20 as follows:

"I've just discovered a serious degradation in this version. In the Pictures > (select) > Edit pane, the References links and the identification (crop) function are both broken. I can no longer click through to other individuals from the references list, and my identification highlights are all misplaced. The latter seem to still exist, but instead of being in their correct places, they have shrunk in size to about a quarter, and are displaced to the the upper left quadrant of the picture area."

That was with v.2.9.8. I don't know which version introduced this fault, but to me it represents a significant loss of data unless it the situation is retrievable. I've tried it on a different Mac but the issue is still there. I have just upgraded to 2.10.0 and it is still there, so maybe not a known issue?

Please say this is repairable!


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