Cocoa Error 21

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Cocoa Error 21

Post by Warwick Wilson » Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:28 am


A pop up message will occur when the database is opened stating "Cocoa Error 21"


This error occurs due to file permissions. Possible causes include when a file is created by one user on the Mac but has been created by a separate user. (Such as dual husband/wife accounts on the same machine). Another cause can be a migration from an old mac to a new where the permissions have been left in the old state, (rare).


There are three methods that may resolve this error.

1. You can use "Get Info" from Finder to change the user/group read/write permissions on the database file. (Or use Terminal if you know how). By default all iFamily databases reside in the iFamilyData folder in the user home directory.

2. Use Finder to navigate to the iFamilyData folder. If your database is called for examples sake myDatabase.FtkSql, do the following:

A) Close iFamily.
B) Make a copy of the database file which is causing problems. (It will now have the current users' permissions).
C) Rename the original file to myDatabase.FtkSql.bak
D) Rename the copy to myDatabase.FtkSql
E) Reopen iFamily.

3. Find the program Disk Utility in the Applications->Utilities or Launchpad->Other folder.

A) Close everything.
B) Choose the disk on which your databases reside. (your main operating disk)
C) Click on the Repair Disk Permissions button
D) Take a break for an hour while it runs through all your files looking for errors.
E) Reopen all the things.

As always, if the above does not solve your problem please contact iFamily for support.

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