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General discussion of iFamily for Leopard and Genealogy
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Post by Reggi » Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:38 pm

If we go back to the inception of iFamily - iFamily for Tiger etc. This part of the Forum was meant to include general discussion of Genealogy and Family Research, not just the problems accruing from Apple's changes of it's Operating System, as seems to be the norm now.

Come to think of it there never was a discussion on Genealogy as such .... Unless a considerable number of iFamily users are satisfied with iFamily .... Until they are forced to purchase new hardware after a "Fatal" crash of their Mac.

They may have been perfectly at home with High Sierra (for example) and are suddenly confronted with loss of years worth of research which lies in a file of unknown format and encryption, actually its a FtkSql file which can be read by ???? any Hacker ??? better though iFamily for Leopard !!! - running in a emulator of course.

Back to the High Sierra users, OK works so forget it, and its STILL SUPPORTED. I'm one of those users and am now more interested in the developments in Family research and all the pitfalls caused by adhering to the "Helpfull" tools provided by FMP and Ancestry which promise to take your Family Tree grow into realms you previously were oblivious of. Please don't do this and revert to old fashioned research instead, otherwise we'll all be engulfed in a mega tree that conveys absolutely nothing.

So in conclusion would anyone even want a Genealogy forum? I leave it there.

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