Totally odd request

If you are having difficulty using iFamily for Leopard.
eg: "How do I change someone's sex after they are married?
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Totally odd request

Post by Frances144 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:50 pm

Ok, this is the odd question for the year!

I am using iFamily to work out the relationships between my Shetland pony herd. I have a 6 rescue ponies and 3 breeding ones. Tbh, it is fascinating to see who is related to whom and how it works.

One problem - I can't get rid of duplicates because they are all underage. Shetland ponies tend to "marry" when they are much younger than humans - stallions start working at about 5yo and mares over 4yo. This upsets iFamily rather a lot! Also incest is huge. Sorry, my bad, line-breeding! So a sister will be a mother, etc.

Is there any way around this?

Also is there any way to show the connections and siblings of everyone else rather than just one line of ancestors or can you only achieve this with descendants?

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