Titles and ranks

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Titles and ranks

Post by CNDH » Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:00 pm

I had been using Legacy for the last decade or so before I finally saw the Mac light. I'm very impressed with iFamily. I've searched through the Forums to try and find the best way forward for ranks and titles.
I've imported a GEDCOM from Legacy with about 3000 people in it. In Legacy, I used the Prefix and Suffix fields quite extensively. Military ranks (most associated with the subject - I take the point about events through a life - but makes searches much easier), occupations Dr, Reverend, M.P. and others and adding their estates due to the Scottish traditions through the centuries, such as 3rd Laird of Bassendean. The imported Prefixes and Suffixes are only mentioned in the Comments field for the person eg:

Given name = Alexander
Family name = Home
Name Suffix = 3rd Laird Of Bassendean
1 _UID 3AADD8495E9D4B12990A98D54EEAFE1DC3D5

I do take the point about events and how they should map out a life, charting military progress etc, but in my family and I'm sure in scores of others, we tend to use the same first names over and over again. Boring, I know, so searching via the Index in Legacy was easy as it lists the Prefix and Suffix for each individual, thus making it easy to identify the correct Alexander Home.

Regarding the estates associated with different branches of the family, I suppose I will have to manually copy each one, from the Comments field mentioned above and paste them into the Description field, but what do I do about ranks and titles such as Sir, Rev. or Lord where it should go before the name?

Your advice would be very useful.


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