How do I upload to Genes Reunited

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How do I upload to Genes Reunited

Post by Keith Wilson » Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:47 pm

Genes Reunited currently expects a Gedcom 5.5 format file that is ANSI encoded. It also seems to have a problem with Safari.
  • Use menu option Gedcom Export and select the appropriate scope menu option, i.e All People, ...

    Uncheck the option for Indented Gedcom Lines

    Uncheck the option for Include Custom Gedcom Tags

    Generate the Gedcom File

    Open the Gedcom file using TextEdit (it must be TextEdit)

    Change line 14 to read 1 CHAR ANSI instead of 1 CHAR UTF-8

    Use the TextEdit menu option File -> Save

    Upload the edited Gedcom file to Genes Reunited using Mozilla Firefox - do not use Safari

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