How do I attach a grandparent as a Foster parent?

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How do I attach a grandparent as a Foster parent?

Post by Keith Wilson » Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:22 pm

Jeanette wrote:I've come across several members of the family who were brought up by their grandparents. Is there any way of showing the natural parent in one generation and a foster link to the grandparents? Cheers Jeanette
Hi Jeanette
  • 1. Make the child the Focal Person of the Context Diagram

    2. In the Context Diagram Right Click on the Ghost Box for Step/Adopted Parent

    3. Select the grandparent from the dialog that appears. You may need to set Mother at the top of the dialog and you may need to increase the maximum age difference below the table to 80 years (the maximum).

    4. Click on the small button at the mid-point of the Parent-Child relationship line.

    5. Select " Foster Parent" from the options.

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