How do I find a married woman's maiden name?

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How do I find a married woman's maiden name?

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I am often working with death records of married women. I have the woman's first name and her married name and then I am trying to remember her maiden name. It would be nice to have a look up facility to give a first name and a married last name and the list of matches show up.
So you know that Mary SMITH is dead but SMITH was actually her married name.

Use the People Index as follows:
  • 1. Enter Mary in the field for Given Names contain
  • 2. Enter Smith in the field for Spouse's Name contains
  • 3. Press the Return key
  • 4. Select the appropriate Mary and then double click or press the Focal Person button.
  • 5. Close the People Index.
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Spanish family names

Post by t.holierhoek »

Dear iFamily,
Being married to a latin-american woman, I noticed that it is impossible to put their father's name in capital letters. The programme automatically takes the last surname as the family surname and puts that in capital letters.
However in Spanish and latin-american families it is customary to carry the surnames of both parents.
So for example: Margarita Alicia RAMOS Nuñez
In the programme it is however: Margarita Alicia Ramos NUÑEZ, which is not correct.
Hope you can correct this with an addition to the programme
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Post by NigelRichman »


There is an option in the Preferences panel to capitalise the 'Family Name' when entering.

If you turn this OFF you will be able to use whatever case you like for the various parts of the name.

Not sure if this would help completely but it would be a start.


Forum Moderator wrote:Also, Use of the option space in multiple part surnames will treat both names as a single surname.

When holding down the option key when hitting space between RAMOS and Nuñez, the names will be treated by iFamily as a single concatenation.
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