How do I transfer data to a Palm Tx using GedWise?

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How do I transfer data to a Palm Tx using GedWise?

Post by Keith Wilson » Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:24 pm

I just purchased iFamily and find the program exceptionally easy to use. I have a Palm Tx handheld that makes it easy to collect data on the road and would like to be able to use the Gedcom file that iFamily creates. I downloaded a trial version of GedWise to try on the Mac and Palm, but when I attempt to open the iFamily generated GED file I receive the following error message: " ParseGedCom, Error: The file you selected is not a valid GEDCOM file." According to GedWise it can use GEDCOM 5.5 files. Does iFamily generate this version?
The gedcom file generated by iFamily for Tiger is Gedcom 5.5 compatible but it is encoded as UTF-8 which cannot be read by GedWise. You should open the Gedcom file in TextEdit and save it as a Windows (Latin 1) encoded file. You can then load the Windows (Latin 1) encoded Gedcom file into GedWise and transfer it to your Palm Tx.

The above solution also works for trasferring a Gedcom file to a Pocket PC.

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