How do I sort out my spouses?

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How do I sort out my spouses?

Post by Keith Wilson » Sat Jul 21, 2007 4:47 am

How do I sort out my spouses?

If you have more than one spouse then iFamily can automatically sort them out for you. If you have more than one spouse plus a few extras on the go at the same time then sorting them out can be a little more difficult.

When iFamily for Tiger sorts and displays spouses it firstly looks for a marriage date. If no marriage occurred or if the marriage date is missing then the sort function uses the birth date of the first child that the couple had. So here is how to make sure that spouses are displayed in the correct sorted sequence:

Step 1. Make sure that you are using V2.227 or later.

Step 2. Add a marriage date for each spouse, even if it is just an approximate year.

Step 3. If you don't want to create a marriage event for the spouse, or you have no idea of the marriage date, and the couple had children then add a birth date for their first child - an approximate year will do.

To enter an approximate date you prefix the date with a qualifier such as " abt" , " c" , bef" , or " aft" . For instance " c 1955" means " About 1955" .

Hint: If you only have one spouse then he/she will never be out of order and life is less complex.

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