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Web output customisation

Post by daj »

I've been an iFamily user for ever; well since 2009. I've always really enjoyed using it, however the web output is too simple. I don't mind the actual content, however it's the lack of customisation of the overall page that is frustration.

I want to incorporate the pages INTO my site, not have it AS my site. So I need to be able to have all my menus, etc at the top.

Over the years I have experimenting with various ways of doing this (iframe being the obvious, but bad choice). I also used to go as far as running the HTML output through a search and replace to wrap my content around the HTML produced by iFamily.

It would be fantastic if we have more control -- a simply template page would be a great start. So if the template is available, iFamily will use this to insert it's content when building all the HTML files.

I have to admit that in the last few years I left iFamily as I needed something more web friendly. I've used several other good tools but I keep coming back to iFamily. I love the ease of input. I just need a better web solution.

I'd happily work with anyone to get this resolved. I have very strong HTML, CSS, Javascript skills.

At the moment my website actually queries an SQL database (from another family tree product) and I build my own page layout and tree. This does mean I need to keep exporting from iFamily to GEDCOM and importing to the other app when I make updates. In 2015 I need a more complete solution :D

What about access to the SQLite used by iFamily? If there is some documentation on the structure I could potentially write a simple add on.

Any thoughts Warwick, or anyone else?
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Re: Web output customisation

Post by SuF »

Hi David
I second all you say! I have a large one-place study database from which I generated web-pages (www.tingewick.org.uk) but the code I wrote stopped running years ago and I'm too out of date to learn a new language to rewrite it. I'd settle for a template / frame which has a #include at the top and bottom (so I can easily change a menu or footer).

I'm also a bit stuck on how to generate pages for all my unrelated families - do you know if it's possible?

By coincidence, I'm just down the river from you in Helensburgh, and also have Jamesons (from Edinburgh) in my tree back in 1824 but haven't spotted a connection :)
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