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Repost for help with web pages

Post by Vernon »

I use an FTP client with which I am very comfortable and recommend because for me it is quick and easy to use; it is: "Fetch". So, that is not a problem.

But to use it, I must select files in "Finder" to upload and I am not sure which one should be uploaded.

After selecting in iFamily "Reports/Publish HTML Web pages", I select "Prepare for upload to other web site" and find in "Finder" that I have the file names ending with web pages 1, 2, and 3.

Do I upload all three web pages?

Or should I select "Generate HTML..." to upload to my web site using my FTP client?

When I open the index of any HTML in any of the pages with a html editor, I do not have any semblance of what the iFamily website looks like. Is the appearance of the uploaded web page different from the iFamily program on its website?

Should the folder in "Finder" be uploaded to the server in which my website is located or should the separate folders/files be uploaded separately?

I would appreciate any help, suggestions, or comments.


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Post by Warwick Wilson »

The packet of files which are exported from iFamily should be left with the structure as they appear in your reports folder. The links between the pages are "internally consistent", which means that to find pages they can use the "../../Diagrams_01" notation which means "go up two directories then into Diagrams_01".

The "Prepare for Upload" function sets the homepage of your site on the index.html page. if you are on &, your default index (not iFamilies) will be at &

The iFamily folders should be placed in a directory below this one, for example the index page created by iFamily will be at &, and this will have been pointed back to your usual homepage as above by the "prepare for upload" function. (NB: You can manually edit the text in the index.html file rather than using the prepare for upload menu option).

The HTML files themselves will be stored in a sub folder. Each directory has a maximum of 500 files, this is why they are named HTMLFiles_01 HTMLFiles_02 etc. Having more than 500 files may cause problems on some servers. (Similarly, Diagrams_01 etc will have the corresponding jpegs for each individual tree diagram, (without the image map which links to the other identities.))

So.. all files and folders created by the HTML output function should be uploaded as a packet.

I hope this helps for the timebeing. Please query anything that isn&#39t clear.
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