Add url to a person's page

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Add url to a person's page

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I'm generating the HTML pages which will be hosted at ipage
They'll also be burned to DVDs.

That's fine.

I'm also using Jalbum to create HTML files with photos, which I'm also hosting at iPage, and will also burn to the DVD.

Any suggestion on how I can add the url for each person's photo album to their iFamily info? so that, when we are in the ifamily html report, at John Smith, there's a link to John SMith's gallery of photos?

- i think I can do this..... I added a line of HTML in my primary index.html folder in the root, with a link to my photo galleries. I'd prefer to have that option at the top of each page, but I'll deal with that another day, to see if there is one global place I can enter it.
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