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Introduction to the Google Maps interface

Post by Keith Wilson » Wed Jan 09, 2008 2:20 pm

in iFamily V2.326 there is a new interface from an event to Google Maps online.

This forum board is intended to stimulate discussion on the many and varied ways that Google Maps may be used in conjunction with iFamily for Tiger.

There are two buttons marked Map that will invoke Google Maps but you must be connected to the internet, preferably with a high speed connection.
  • The first Map button is in the Events pane in the main window.
  • The second Map button is in the Events Places dialog - which is invoked by using menu option Events -> Event Places
Initially all that iFamily has to work on is the Place Name that you have entered for an event and this is sent to Google Maps as a query. For some countries Google Maps does an excellent job of working out what is intended by the Place Name that it receives. When Google finds alternatives it will list them on the left hand side of the browser panel and you can then choose a suitable option.

Once you have adjusted the zoom, you should center the map image, press Link to this Page and then press Save Map Data to save the Google Maps geocode data to the iFamily database.

In the Events pane the database save only applies to the selected event.

In the Event Places dialog you can also apply the database save to ALL events with the same Place Name.

Once you have saved the Google Map geocoding data for an Event you can then reuse it to redisplay the Google Map exactly as before, including a satellite image overlay if you selected one before you saved.

Within Google there are many options
  • You can create routes with driving instructions
  • You can create your own Google Account and save the maps online
  • You can browse for other items of interest and cut and paste information into iFamily
  • You can download all the information for a research trip onto your iPhone, iPod, MacBook or to your car's SatNav system
  • You can also access Google Images, Wikipedia, whatever ... and save those references in your online Google Account or into iFamily.
  • You can record the location of the nearest pizza restaurant - important if you like to eat pizza whilst digging up your relatives in the local church graveyard.
I have no intention of writing a primer on how to use Google Maps. If you do not understand what geocoding is then Click Here for an explanation in Wikipedia.

It is up to you to be creative - and to share your ideas with others - on this forum please.


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