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Post by JackHenry » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:43 pm

When I type a location that I have previously entered, the Auto Complete starts filling in the name, narrowing it down as I add characters.

For example, I have previously entered a location of 'Liverpool, Lancashire, England'

This works perfectly when the location is the exact match to what has been previously entered. However, I will often add a new 'Prefix' such as a Church, Parish or a Street address for an existing location, such as 'St Peters Church, Liverpool, Lancashire, England' or 'Bostock Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England' etc.

When a new prefix is used for an already existing location, Auto Complete will NOT finish it for you.

What would be EXTREMELY useful is Auto Complete to start working once I got to the Liverpool part of the location.

Is this able to be incorporated in the next update??


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