Two Identities - unable to create ged and other reports

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Two Identities - unable to create ged and other reports

Post by FangioNZ » Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:01 pm

Hi there
On-going problem that is stopping progress :) Found iFamily in 2011 and leaped at the chance to use such a great program for Mac genealogists. I brought my .ged file over from previous program, had great support from Warwick all the way through, and started adding to the already huge file. A couple of years back I upgraded my computer, loaded all files over, for some reason I created a new computer identity at this stage and, because you can, I kept growing my .ged file. Perhaps a year ago I had a request from family for some genealogy information, tried to create a Descendants Report and got a message: "Unable to create the file for the report output: /Users/anne......./iFamilyData/Reports/xxxxxxxxxxxxx_Descendants.rtf"

The new user name is 'anne..........1' and this would appear to be the problem.

I can create Family Groups, various charts but, worst of all, I can't create a .ged file of any description!!

Warwick discovered that iFamily is using my original User set-up, storing everything there, however, when I go through to that original User all that appears when I open iFamily are those families that came with the original program, Royals, etc. Bit of a quandary here. I've added hundreds of people in the past year or two since upgrading my computer, I think I have the file stored at perhaps that old changeover level ... I don't want to go back and enter them all again!

Any thoughts

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Re: Two Identities - unable to create ged and other reports

Post by NigelRichman » Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:41 pm

Hi Anne,

Have you tried the menu option 'File ... Move Data File'?

Not sure if this would solve the problem but it might reset the various references to the old user name to the new path.

Not tried it but it is the right way to move a data file so it might help.



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