Big Bug - attaching folk to others?

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Big Bug - attaching folk to others?

Post by Keith Wilson » Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:27 am

Chris Knight wrote:This is the first time I have tried to do this as I recall so it may just be me being stupid.

I have disconnected a couple of relationships that were wrong and want to reconnect the parties to other people who are not visible in the diagram (but are in the data) and thus I can't drag them to connect them up.

In trying to connect up spouses, I right click on a box and am invited to select a name from a list that unhelpfully filters people by age difference with the focal person. I say unhelpfully because the people I am trying to connect don't all have birthdates recorded and I can't see them in this list! :( A workaround is to give the parties fictitious dates so they do show up in this list.

How on earth can I connect spouses and parents to children etc?

Hi Chris,

So sorry if you are having difficulty. I would call it a buggette but you are the user so I will accept your judgement.

Will give this one top priority when I return from leave on Wednesday 8th.

You can only connect a spouse to someone who is the Focal Person in the context diagram.

And yes, you may need to add a ficticious birth date to enable these functions. An approximate date (c circa, abt about) is sufficient.

Also, if the people that you are trying to re-connect are totally unconnected then you may have to find them using the toolbar seach field, with the filter set to " unconnected people" , give them a birth date and only then reconnect them using right click and the pop up menu option - NONE OF WHICH is at all intuitive - so as you say we need to do some coding on this one to make it simpler.


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Re: Big Bug - attaching folk to others?

Post by desmuller » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:15 am

I am a new user and have run into this problem. I want to attach individuals to the focal person but do not have birthdays. I have been unable to find a method of doing this other than finding the individual, adding an approximate birthday to them, attaching them, then deleting the approximate birthday.


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