Mac OS X Lion

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Mac OS X Lion

Post by thrifty1 » Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:51 pm

I have the GM (final beta) version of OS X Lion and iFamily does not work under Lion. It loads, but the section above the diagram does not show any of the buttons / drop down boxes.

I was wondering if you have access to the OS X Lion beta and are working on an update yet?

Thank you.

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Post by NigelRichman » Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:11 pm


Warwick did report this problem a little while back and the that it had been resolved in his working copy. (Yet to be released). The current version does work other than the problem you mention.

The solution to the toolbar issue you observe is below. Click the Warwick Link to go to the topic.

Warwick wrote:Testing iFamily on the Lion platform has shown that the toolbar has some eccentiricties. After insitialization, iFamily modifies the Active Source element of the toolbar which seems to be resulting in Lion drawing that icon in isolation. A quick workaround is to right click where the toolbar should be, select "Customize Toolbar", then drag the default one back into the right area. This is a minor annoyance restricted to the User Interface and not impingant(?) upon your data. It's annoying because you need to redo this each time you open iFamily.

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