iFamily for Mac V2.9.8 - 28 Oct 2019

Catalogue of Changes and Features in iFamily For Leopard
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iFamily for Mac V2.9.8 - 28 Oct 2019

Post by Warwick Wilson » Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:12 pm

Change Log:-

Version 2.9.8 is a bit light on, hopefully 2.9.9 will be forthcoming soon. (The Apple Notarisation gets harder in January 2020 and will require another update.).

- The application has been stapled with an Apple Notarisation to accommodate Gatekeeper.

Interfaces Update
- Fixed Localisation bug in Project View that rendered the word "Pluralization" to the screen.
- Repaired diagram refresh when stretching "Rubber Band" between identities, due to deprecation of library function.

Installer changes
- The installer has been stapled with an Apple Notarisation to accommodate Gatekeeper.

Things still requiring our attention
- When dragging and dropping pictures in the pictures panel, all images disappear when in drag mode.
(We will add fresh bugs here as reports com in)
- There is still a bug in the search bar when a user is in full screen mode, please avoid using it in full screen mode as this may lead to a crash.
- The pictures are still displaying at quarter size on retina screens in some reports. Although this sounds like an easy fix it is a little more involved as the images require a more through rework throughout the application.
- We note that the interface to "iPhoto" is still in there when we should be associating with "Photos" now. This will be remediated soon when support is dropped for OSX.
- There is a problem with the merge sources functionality which is resulting in references to sources which no longer exist. This has in turn led to a crash when exporting a Gedcom in some cases as noted elsewhere on the forums.
-Some users have reported that iFamily becomes unresponsive on the first run after installation. A force quit and restart will solve the issue.


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