What is an Active Source and how should I use it?

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What is an Active Source and how should I use it?

Post by Keith Wilson » Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:52 am

Sources and Source References (Citations)

When you are entering data into a genealogy database the information comes from somewhere. It may be out of your own memory, it may be a out of a book, a website, from an interview with Great Auntie Fanny, from a family bible that you found in the attic, whatever .... it must have come from somewhere and that is called a Source. Some are better than others.

A genealogist will normally ensure that the Source is in the database before People an Events are added to the database. As people and events are added to the database the Source of the data should be cited, call it a Source Reference, or a Citation, either is OK. The " Source Reference" joins the Person (or Event) to the Source and indicates whereabouts in the Source the information came from, for instance the Page Number. You can include additional information in the Source Reference, as well as the Page Number, such as a quote from the Source.
  • The Preferred iFamily Work-Flow
    • 1. Find a new Source and add it using menu option Sources - Add/Edit

      2. Make that Source the " Active Source"

      3. Add People and Events that are in that Source. As each Person or Event is added then iFamily will assume that you are entering data related to the Active Source. IFamily will automatically create a Reference to the Active Source and will prompt you for a Page Number, Topic and some relevant Notes about this Source Reference.

      4. When you have finished gleaning information from the Active Source Go To Step 1 above and find another Source.
    An Supplementary iFamily Work-Flow

    Of course not everyone is as disciplined as the above, or we may find additional Source(s) after we have added the Person or Event. So there is a second way of using an Active Source as follows:
    • 1. Find a new Source and add it the database, or select an existing Source.

      2. Make that Source the Active Source.

      3. Find each Person and/or Event that is mentioned in the Source and Right Click on the Person or Event,

      4. Select the menu option " Add Reference to the Active Source"

      5. Enter the Page Number, Topic and Notes for the Source Reference.
    The A/S Toolbar Button
    • The Active Source Toolbar button has two parts. The LH part takes you to the Sources Add/Edit dialog so that you see the full details of each Source. The RH part of the button is for when you know exactly what you are doing and want to take a short cut to Activate a Source from the drop-down menu of existing Sources.

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